Our Team

The doctor whom Vision Varanasi has the pleasure to welcome is Eye Surgeon Dr. Sunil Kumar Sah, past fellow of Sankara Nethralaya Academy. Dr. Sah has performed over 100,000 cataract operations and has transplanted over 25,000 retinas and 5,500 corneas. He also supplies Vision Varanasi with the necessary medical supplies and surgical equipment from his own hospital, Sah Hospital. Dr. Sah donates his time at least once a week to perform the surgeries pro bono.

Dr. Ivor studied Optometry at Glasgow Caledonian University and completed his internship in London at the Moorfields Eye Hospital. He started an optometry practice in London in 1977, which became highly successful and his second and third practices followed. After 30 years of working he decided to sell his practices and give back to society, moving to India and heading the Vision Varanasi initiative. Dr. Ivor continues to work as the most senior optometrist both at Vision Varanasi Hospital and during village camps.

Dr. V. Rajaram, from CCJM Engineers, Chicago, USA, made introductions and facilitated communications between Aghor Foundation and Dr. S. S. Badrinath, the director of Sankara Nethralaya Academy, a renowned organization in India that runs charitable hospitals. Through Dr. Rajaram’s efforts as chief advisor and the support of Dr. Badrinath, there was soon a plan to bring a skilled doctor to the Vision Varanasi Hospital. He now works to help raise funds and guide the hospital’s administration in a greater scope.

Dr. Ajay Maurya is an optometrist and administrator of Varanasi Institute of Optometry, an institution that forms 100 optometrists every year. Dr. Maurya oversees the OPD, pre and post operation.

Girish Ji works as the main administrative figure in the hospital, looking over administration, management, surgeries, accounts, public relations, running maintenance of the building, and future planning.

Dr. Akbar Ali is one of the most senior anesthesiologists and optometrists of Sah hospital, works as anesthesiologist at Vision Varanasi operations.

Dr. Avadesh is a senior optometrist from Sah hospital.

Vinayak works as our OT assistant.

Shiva is one of the boys of the Ashram, currently studying to be an optometrist and interning at the hospital.

Shashi is a young adult from a poor village near Varanasi who seized the opportunity to come work at Vision Varanasi Hospital and has been very quick to learn and help out in any way possible. He also studies in his spare time.

Mishra Ji disciple of Baba Ji who has devoted his life to following Baba Ji’s direction. He is the primary caretaker of patients, attending to their every need.