The person called Ivor Wolfe is a bit of a conundrum. He has stolen, lied, cheated, mistreated women, taken drugs ,drinks like a fish, smokes, eats too much and is somewhat lazy, so how come he came face to face with Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ram in 1991.

His wife ,soul mate ,best friend asked him what present he would like to celebrate his 60th. Birthday on the1st. July 2012. He had a silver trident ring made in 1991, to celebrate the events described in the following short story. It was decided that a gold one would be made to replace it and this was duly given on the eve of the said birthday.

What follows are the sequence of events leading up to the seeing of Aghoreshwar. Mysterious, yes, but totally real and natural. Unexpected , unpredicted ,yet available to all.

It is hoped that those who read the “good news” will be uplifted and encouraged in their quest for the Truth. All one needs is sincerity and desire.

The Ring

The RingThis story, for it is only a story, begins in the lobby of The Imperial Hotel on the 29th November 1991. This was my first visit to India and I came alone to talk with The Shankaracharya ,who was based in Allahabad and whom I had known about through contacts in London. These talks, I hoped ,would help me understand some various spiritual experiences more fully.The plan was to firstly fly to Varanasi, see the sights and take the train back to Allahabad after a few days.

The lobby had a small and dimly lit book shop.Whilst browsing through the usual guide books etc.,my attention was drawn to a book about Mudras(Indian hand gestures).The page fell open at The Thumbs up Mudra . I was held on that image for a while and bought the book.

The following day,I took the morning flight to Varanasi. Upon arrival at the ramshackled airport,I encountered what must have been fifty or so taxi drivers, all looking for some lucrative tourist business.Not knowing which one to choose in the mad frenzy, I spotted two young men ,standing beside their old Ambassador car. One of them had both thumbs up.I unhesitatingly went straight to them and they took me to The Taj Ganges Hotel,which was about a 22 Kilometre journey.They were both pleasant and offered to show me the sights of Varanasi, to which I agreed.

Upon arrival at the hotel, I settled in with a small beer and a vegetable biryani.There was a Clint Eastwood film on the T.V. Got into bed early, as the driver was going to take me on the obligatory boat trip on the Ganges just before dawn the following morning.

I slipped into a state which I have only experienced on several other occasions. That state is called the Tandra state, which is when total sleep and total wakefulness exist simultaneously. In that state I saw a man :dark complection, long limbed ,dressed in a saffron coloured robe with a garland of flowers round his elegant neck. He did not speak. After that image came the image of a pig, snout pointing to the left in full colour.

The alarm woke me at what must have been 4 a.m. and the two men were in the lobby waiting to drive me down to the river .The Ganges is indeed most serene at that time of day. I lit a candle and let it float peacefully away.

On my return to the hotel, I sat down for morning meditation and then it appeared as a vision. The most amazing, most resplendent, most dazzling thing I have ever seen A Trident! Words cannot desribe the magnificence of that experience. It stopped , just as I felt I was about to explode. I fell onto the bed and wept. I remember thinking that if the most ecstatic experience that I ever had was multiplied by a thousand, then the vision would approximate to that .

After breakfast, my drivers took me to Sarnath. I walked around for a while in a most strange state. It was a feeling of being empty. How to describe it? Like being an empty cup ,but still a cup!

I had previously asked the drivers if they could take me to an Ashram. They did not ask me which one, nor had I any idea where to go, as at that time I knew not of any particular Ashrams in Varanasi. Upon arrival at the Ashram, which was in Parao, a suburb of Varanasi, I immediately saw that image of the pig that appeared in my vision on the Ashram wall. Exactly the same in all respects. There was immediate knowledge that I was in the right place. Hanging on to the locked iron gate, again I wept. A man approached and I told him that I had to come in. He said that Baba was sleeping, whatever that meant and walked away. He returned after a few minutes and opened the door. On entering I noticed a small pamphlet on a table. On the first page was the image of, you guessed it : A Trident!………… to be continued.