2012 Update

Vision Varanasi has bought this piece of land. The total area is 2700 square feet and the total cost was Rs 12 lacks or 15,000 pounds sterling. The site was chosen because of its ideal position. Firstly it is on the bank of the river Ganges with a fantastic view of the city of Varanasi. Children of Bal Ashram HelpingSecondly, it is important for Vision Varanasi to work closely with the Aghor Foundation. Thirdly, the peace and tranquility here has to be experienced to be believed. The quality of our work will be greater in a more peaceful environment. We are far away from the pollution and the commotion of the city. Therefore, the site was deliberately chosen next to Bal Ashram.

The aim of building this hospital is not only to supply glasses, as we have been doing over the last five years, but also to provide all aspects of eye care including cataract operations, diabetic screening, glaucoma screening as well as all other aspects of eye care. For this very reason we are planning to construct the hospital in a correct manner.

We are building an underground ward for both male and female patients with separate sleeping & toilets areas.

The main hospital areal will be on the ground floor. There will be an operating theatre with an adjacent preparation and storage room as well as a fully equipped consultation room. There also will be a changing room for the patients and one spare room which could be used as either another operating theatre or consultation room in the future. There is scope to build an extra floor as required.

As most of the poor and needy people live in the village areas, our envisaged plan is to provide transport for them and hopefully we will be able to purchase a mini bus to do this in very near future.

The minimum cost of a cataract operation in city of Varanasi is about Rs 5000.00 (60 pounds). Most village people cannot even find the money to feed themselves, let alone the funds for something like a sight giving operation. Our first year cataract operation target will be about 2000.

The eye clinic will continue providing glasses for the cost of one pound each as per usual and will screen those patients who are eligible for a cataract operation. We hope to carry out many eye examinations throughout the year, seeing about 10000 in total.